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Welcome to Delmarva Discount Dwellings where you'll find the best wholesale Real Estate Deals in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

We are in the business of providing investors, land lords, and owner occupants with good, solid real estate properties at bargain prices. We understand that in order to sell quickly, we need to leave a healthy profit in every deal for you, the buyer. We have removed the greed component from the equation and can always say "we could have gotten more for that property" when we sell.

Our goal is to sell quickly and make our money on volume thereby "leaving enough on the table" for the buyer.

Are you ready to make 3 types of money: obscene, ungodly, embarrassing? You’ll be trained by one of the nation’s Top Real Estate Investor FOR FREE, your deals will be funded, We will sell your houses FOR YOU, and the best part is – it’s all FREE. You make your own schedule, and the potential income is unlimited! Call me today and we’ll start doing deals ASAP. (302) 786-0785

Now for the hidden disclaimer that’s NOT so hidden…This can be a VERY highly paid position. The money is VERY ATTRACTIVE but if you don’t have a passion for Real Estate and helping people please DO NOT apply as you will not be hired (it’s very easy for us to read people).

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